Sindhu Floraa, a new venture of Sindhu Cargo Services Private Ltd Promoters’ Group , Sindhu Cargo Services Pvt Ltd is 30 years old company providing end to end services in logistics sector.


Sindhu Floraa, company is a new startup by Mr. G. Balaraju Managing Director, who has almost 30years of business experience & is founder of Sindhu Cargo Services Pvt Ltd which is one of the leaders in logistics industry. 

At our Sindhu Floraa farms, we have greenhouses (imported from Tops & Netafim) where we are having the Rose crops along with a 10,000sft Cold Storage Room in the same land plot to process the harvested roses. We have Top Secret, Gold Strike & Wham (patented) varieties. Presently, we are exporting our flowers to Australia & Japan.

We have an experienced staff at our farm to manage the daily operations of this crop & there are 3 dedicated supervisors for greenhouses where each supervisor is assigned not more than 2 greenhouses & one dedicated Asst Manager for these supervisors. We are employing 5labours/greenhouse for everyday operations of the crop.


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